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You name it!

This can be anything. Some examples:

  • Industrial
  • Office (groups, headshots ...)
  • Houses or other buildings:
    • Do you love your house?
    • What about the view from your house?
  • Automotive
  • Private Art Commissions

The main limit is our imaginations! Think about something - anything - which matters to you, and we will work out a way to photograph it.

Photography Walks

Decrepit Wooden Footbridge

Other Walks

Here, a small group of aspiring photographers—about three—head out photographing with me. For half a day, we go into nature or we roam through cities—whatever we prefer. We will produce at least one image which you will be proud to hang on your wall.

With a small group, I can quickly find out how you're doing, and on a customized and personalized basis, can point you expeditiously in constructive directions.

We do shared email follow-up (with permission), reviewing and editing the work, taking a day to a week.

Field-work – this is something which you can't get from books or classrooms - but by all means please i) read and ii) take courses! They make a big difference. We often start with something like this: "So, what is it about this scene while appeals to you? Good. Now, let's see how to make the photograph show that." In order for a photograph to "show that", we need a good composition, a deep awareness of the light, and attention to the background and around the borders.

Previous participants have loved it!

(Sometimes we end up in a coffee shop or a restaurant.)

The fee could be something nominal like $85.


MX5 before and after photographic editing


I am skilled at editing photographs, if I may say so.

The top photograph of the car to the right is nice. The same photograph on the bottom shines.

This could start at around $30 for something straightforward.


Almost all of the work I offer is so personalized and customized that I almost hate to post a rate schedule. What follows is only a general idea—unlikely to be your exact, eventual fees, but it gives us a rough range.

Basic Rates:

  • hourly: $175
  • 3-hour session: $475
  • 6-hour/day-rate: $850
  • travel expenses extra
  • Charities: please inquire

The fee may include (individual consideration) a small selection of edited desktop-size JPEG image files, for personal non-commercial use. (Copyright remains with the photographer, as is usual.)

Sample Print Prices:

  • 18-inch print, plain: $95
  • 18-inch print, matted: $200
  • 18-inch print, framed: $365
  • 24-inch print: $150
  • 24-inch print, matted: $230
  • 24-inch print, framed: $500
  • prints may have an added white (trimmable) border, so are sometimes larger than listed
  • 1/3 discount for multiple prints of one image

Custom Fees:

Please inquire about rates and terms for:

  • commercial use (standard and reasonable);
  • custom printing;
  • publication, larger files and shipping.


Charles T. Low Photography subscribes to PayPal; transfer funds here.
Cheques, cash, credit/debit cards, email transfer ... all available.

It's also easy to pay on my Online Store (sometimes a brief discussion required).


An exhibition is always an entertaining, convenient and informative way to see printed works in person.

prints for exhibition


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