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Clara photographic portraiture

I thought to rekindle portraiture, such a very rewarding aspect of my work, as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic (it seems! we hope!). I had turned down commissions, when being in proximity to people had felt like a bad idea. It feels like a better idea now.

Clara & Christine photographic portraiture
Christine & Clara

Clara was fun to work with, cheerful, energetic, imaginative, and cooperative. Over two hours, we came up with a variety of poses, which resulted in me giving her too many digital files. I aim for about nine, and let's just say that she got more than nine.

And the camera loved her.

Christina and Bill Photographic Portraiture
Christine & Bill

I see, in the photograph above, a little attitude. I think it's important to know that we created that very consciously, worked at it for a while until we had what we wanted. It was by no means her default presentation!

So far, I have preferred serious expressions, even a little glowering, or smouldering, but everyone has actually felt quite happy, so we absolutely also get lots of smiles and laughs in the images we create together.

Clara came to me as a referral from another recent model (client?), her great-aunt (I think), Christine, who attended the session.

Christine, an accomplished photographer herself, also has considerable portraiture experience, some or most of it with her partner, Bill Milward, whose portraiture work I always find very beautiful and inspirational. (Click that link!)

He and I talked through some lighting technicalities recently; portraiture is all about connection, but that won't matter if the photographer provides anything other than a great light; Bill has his own signature style, and he just rocks it.

Christine appeared at the studio (with Bill), for her own previous session, with a change of clothing, and various accessories. I couldn't keep up with her energy, and couldn't keep up with her poses. She needed little direction, but took direction well, looked really good, and overall I just loved the work.

You'll notice that if you want happy, you'll get happy, and that when you work with me, you'll probably get some intensity as well. I remind my models that we don't have to use every exposure (and cannot, because of the numbers), but that by including a variety, we have more options later.

We have many basic poses to (try to) get through, and it surprises the model quite often how the time just melts away. I compare it to a spa-day, only in that, for a while, everything is all and only about you. And while it's about you, we vary the pose, the angle, the crop, the light, and of course the expression, plus you may wish to change into a different outfit, or jewellery or other accessories. (So far, no one has brought their hair-dresser with them!)

Also, pardon me, Bill and Christine, if I say that the obvious love between you quite moved me.

Christine Photographic Portraiture
Christine – Serious!
Christine Photographic Portraiture
Christine – Joyful!

I started off this renewal project by photographing another portrait-photographer. Sure, we talked shop a bit. Pete was very relaxed, also brought a clothing-change, and props. That gave us choices later about what which images to use and which not.

I think that Pete gives fantastic glower.

Pete Photographic Portraiture
Gas Monkey Pete

You do not wish to mess with that guy.

That, however, was not the Pete I worked with. That's just how the camera saw him in that moment. This is more him:

Pete Photographic Portraiture
Happy Pete
Ruth and Pete Photographic Portraiture
Ruth & Pete

Another day, I photographed Ruth, and that flowed quite naturally from the Pete session (because they're married).


Ruth looks good! She was also really happy, provided a lot of energy, knew how to pose, and brought several changes of clothing. It was such a pleasure to work with her!

They also seem like a most loving couple.

Portraiture: I am currently working on a special Photographic Portraiture Project, at a good price (free, for a while), and want more subjects/models/clients.

Yes, I do indeed mean you.

There could be several reasons for you to sign on:

  1. You think you're beautiful.
  2. You don't think you're beautiful. I will make you shine. I see, and find, beauty in everyone.
  3. You, or those you love, want to be able to look back on a lovely portrait.
  4. You want to have fun. Doing these is fun!

Check our more information about my Portraiture services.

From that link, the more detail link leads to an information sheet. Then, all portrait-sessions generate individual requests and questions, and I will go through all of that with you. Feel completely free to get in touch.

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Ask me about portraiture.

Individuals, couples, families, friends ... I want to see you.

If you're young or old, well-photographed or new at this, you will enjoy the experience and be glad to have the portraits.

And/or ... buy a piece of art!

One thing or another, you know where to find me (Contact link above).


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Mobile Photogrpahic Portraiture Studio AGO Gallery
Mobile Studio – AOG Gallery

I feel so thankful for the use of this space at the AOG Gallery, near Frankville, Ontario. They encourage donations to Innocence Canada.

I have on offer another space in Gananoque, at the O'Connor Gallery, much appreciated.


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