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(International HQ: Brockville, Ontario, Canada)

About the photographer

With a decades-long zeal for photography, it has always only ever been about composition and light—and about connecting with people—rather than about having a recognizable, recurring style.
Skilled at:
  • Portraits
  • Landscapes/Still-lifes
  • Industrial
  • Macro-photography
  • Ambient light, studio lighting
  • Automobiles
Can provide:
  • Digital images
  • Prints
  • Posters
  • Cards
  • You name it
Other experience:
  • Magazine work, including multiple covers and feature articles
  • Teaching

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Artist's Statement

Let's stay real. Photographers—visual artists of all kinds—often enthuse about the beauty and unity of everything, using light to reflect the inner self, etc.

​ And that's fine, but I make photographs because I like making photographs.

​​​ Controlling a myriad of technical adjustments offers the freedom to make images with slightly different framing, or magnification, or depth of field, or exposure. That immediacy isn't easily replicated with other visual media.

​​ Art, of course, must subsume the technology, for this to work. I feel more comfortable with artists than with technophiles.

​​​ One can spend a lifetime understanding composition, but the deeper quest lies in recognizing the many moods of light. Happily, that quest continues.

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Charles T. Low


I work hard to maintain your confidentiality at all times: any images of identifiable people used only with permission (so you will see few here); personal information never shared.


That is an amazing photo Dad!!!!
–some random individual, 2017

​​​​ I think that your photos are very impressive.
–another random contact (thank you, darling), 2019

I will cherish these photos. –Ruth V., Brockville, portraiture client, 2023

It was fun ... Charles made us feel comfortable ... and laugh ... and we had a great time ... the pictures perfect... –Christine G., Brockville, 2023

Your photography blog is like a monthly gift. –Janet P., Brockville, 2021

I find it hard to comment on your work; each photo is so well done, composition, light, the images, the tone from the wee flowers to the large ships, from the sweeping landscapes and seascapes, to the sunrise to sunset, yes, even your car, I love your work.Steven MacDowall, NB, 2021

Really great picture Charles! So clear a picture! Awesome! Don't have words to describe how beautiful a picture it is. –Jane M., Brockville, 2021

Dawn Cloud St. Lawrence River

I love what you have done. It exceeded my expectations. –Lance Besharah Woodturning, 2020

​​​​ Wow! I'm so impressed Charles! I actually like those pictures of me... even the rather prim one. I'm impressed. I usually hate the pictures of me, but those I do love. –L., 2020

​​​ Thank you so much for these photos; they are beautiful. I am so happy with how they turned out, and grateful to you both for your creativity and flexibility. –Alex, Toronto, 2020

​​​​ I LOVE IT!!!!!! ... the photograph is absolutely amazing. The colours are phenomenal. My heart is full. –Tiffany T., Gananoque, Ontario, 2019

​​​​ Artful and thoughtful. Charles captures movement, stillness, darkness & light with poignant photographs. His work will have you feeling everything from a whisper to a roar. –Martello Alley gallery, Kingston, ON)

​​​​ ... stunning image! ... I am absolutely blown away by your pictures! ... You are a very talented artist! (I'm blushing.) –staff at the Nature Conservancy of Canada, 2018

​​​​ ... amazing... just beautiful ... You really took a lot of time with us & my totally honest opinion is that these are the best 'people and dog' photos we have ever had done... –Karen P., Kawaratha Lakes, 2018

​​​​ I learned so much! I want to do it again. –photo-walk participant, Beth G., Brockville, Ontario, 2018

​​​ You certainly have the eyes of an artist to see the beauty in such ordinary things. –Tara M., real-estate client, North Augusta, Ontario, 2017

​​​ WOW! ... I absolutely love the colours in the trees, the leaves on the ground, the darkening of the asphalt, the focus on the car. Love these!! –Jason L, automobile photography, Front of Yonge, Ontario, 2016 ​


Wagon Wheel Chains


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