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Petal to the Metal

–metal, petals, and of course: dawn

Blog #98

–recent work, includng a car, petals, and dawn ...
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Charles T. Low

Older Blogs

Oldest Blogs

In April of 2021, due to a long and sordid tale of intrigue and deceit, I have moved my blog. This however renders all of the old ones, numbering sixty-three, inaccessible in their original format.

(Well ... as of early May, 2021, the old link still works, if you prefer to view them as originally posted.)

Somehow I think that the World will carry on. PDF versions of all of them are available below.

Adobe is making it less easy to find, but at the time of writing the free PDF reader was here.

I particularly recommend these few:

  1. Tool of Thirds (not "Rule")
  2. Equipment (Does it matter? No. And yes.)
  3. Seeing (not simply "looking")
  4. Depth of Field
  5. Light ← Most Important!
  6. Background (ignore at your peril!)
  7. Exposure Compensation ← Most Practical
  8. Third Dimension
And here, starting with the most recent, is the entire list:

Not all of the links will function anymore in those "old" blogs, but the basic content is all there.

They are only about 7 MB each on average.


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